Smallshop showroom was created from a vision of making a childrens clothing and accessories showroom that encompassed a fun energy, modern mentality and contemporary aesthetic. 

With the explosion of hip parents wanting to dress their children in mini adaptations of their own clothes, a new category for kids clothing was emerging. Many childrens showrooms existed but most were traditional and none addressed the new demand for contemporary fashion. smallshop filled this niche and took this opportunity to build a business around a carefully edited brand selection targeting the new breed of trendy parents that shopped at premium childrens stores. S
mallshop attributes much of its success to a focus on building and nurturing buyer relationships. smallshop takes pride in understanding buyer needs, staying on top of trends and most of all, being fun and easy to work with. In addition to buyer relationships; the relationship smallshop develops with the brands it represents is a key component. Smallshop works closely with each manufacturer providing a committed partnership; involved in everything from sales and merchandising to public relations and marketing.Thank you for visiting!